It is absolutely vital to have good air quality in your home, especially in the winter when there is less c chance of proper ventilation to outside air. One of the key elements in combatting bacteria, viruses and microscopic pests such as dust mites is steam cleaning. Why should you consider a professional service more valuable than renting? Glad you asked. There are many reasons to use Kauffman’s  Carpet Cleaning  Service and Interior Sources as we will focus on today is air quality and keeping your home virtually chemically free.

When you have kids and pets a good amount of your family time is spent on the floor. Consider how they are also sitting, playing , picking up toys, breathing in all the bacteria and dust that is sitting in your carpets and on your flooring from walking traffic or pet dander.

When you use a store bought shampooer or rent one you are using a foaming agent to clean called sodium lauryl sulfate or a similar chemical agent. These chemical agents irritate the lungs, and for those prone to breathing illnesses, allergies or asthma these chemical agents (which remain airborne for some time) can cause havoc to the lungs lining and trigger asthmatic attacks.


Clean you can see!

Cleaner floors…healthier living.


When Kauffman’s Cleaning and Interior Sources cleans your home you can be sure we will not only treat your home with as much love and respect as we treat our own, but be confident you are choosing a MUCH healthier option for your family! With steam cleaning the high heat vapors are not only beneficial to make grease and grime go and clean grout but won’t negatively impact your health in the process! Many of the live bacteria and dust mites living in your carpets cannot be killed by vacuuming or a store bought cleaner.

Take advantage of this knowledge and make your winter the healthiest one yet! Kauffman’s Cleaning and Interior Sources is offering an unbeatable discount for December…3 rooms (under 250 sq. ft. each) for only $99! Call us know and talk to one of our highly trained professionals and book an appointment today. Why wait ….stop the bacteria growth in your home now!